Solutions Overview

Precision Telecom Technologies' suite of technology solutions will allow a telecommunications provider to significantly improve the technology and business systems infrastructure of its organization. These improvements will help position the business to support an increased volume in business, provide the needed technology tools to better serve and focus on the end user customer, better support and interface with distribution channels and reduce the overall technology costs of the organization. The pricing of the solution with Precision Telecom Technologies is tied to the scope of the technology relationship. Our relative pricing does not increase as your business grows - it will actually decrease in relation to your revenue growth.

We have characterized the various types of billing and technology solutions in the quadrant matrix below. The decision making process for selecting a billing and technology solutions partner is very dependent upon the size and financial breadth of the existing business, available capital, and the desired scope of the billing and technologoy partnership.

Precision provides expertise and technology solutions in four foundational areas of a telecommunication providers business - Order/Workflow Management, Customer Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Distribution Channel Support. Our experience indicates a comprehensive solution, across our four foundational areas, will provide a cost effective technology infrastructure that can be leveraged to support growing multiples of revenue and customers. In addition to a comprehensive solution, we have successfully provided technology solutions in a more modular environment specific to the needs and requirements of the telecommunication provider.