Strategic Roadmap

Develop a Company Roadmap - Many companies have a hard time finding their footing in the industry, because they are not properly equipped for such a journey. The first step is always to identify what issues are setting your company back. These can range from simple, surface problems to underlying issues in the infrastructure of a company that are harder to identify.

A sound strategy will not only provide you with insight into pinpointing what's been holding you back, but navigate you through these issues and give you focus for the future. Precision is in a position to deliver not only a complete strategy, but our undivided time, attention and expertise to make sure you see it through.

Analyze - The modification of any system warrants careful consideration. The telecom industry, by nature, demands change and innovation to keep up with competition, regulations, and customers - whose appetite for new technology is matched only by their desire to obtain this technology at an affordable price. In short, you have to be on top of the market, before it is on top of you. The more knowledge a company has about the current technology and business environments, the easier it is to set goals that will guarantee success in both.

The Precision team takes a holistic approach, involving all sectors of your organization, to make absolutely sure that an understanding of these environments, and your vision, will be achieved effectively.

Design - As you get ready to implement the changes you've outlined, it is crucial to define your personal, perfect solution. Precision will become intimately involved with your company - not only addressing your problems, but defining your solution through a comprehensive process. This process takes into account your current system, while simultaneously integrating the setup and management of your solution. This ensures you will achieve the best result possible.


A regional, triple play carrier that offers Cable, Voice, and Internet services over a combination of Fiber, Coax and leased facilities. This company uses PTT as their virtual CIO.

For several years, PTT has acted as a member of the management team, providing leadership and development resources that have helped this dynamic company evolve with the industry.

The list of successful undertakings include: Facilities Inventory and Management systems, continual process and Work-Flow automation, revamping of Billing to support multi-cycle processing and better invoice presentation.