Our Promise

Your clients expect from you what you expect from us: the most comprehensive solution for a fair price, with peerless customer support. Our promise is to deliver on these expectations.

All of our Precise Systems: PreciseBill, PreciseCRM, PreciseOrder, PreciseChannel are designed around the scope of your business. They are best utilized when combined but have the flexibility to individually adjust to your specific needs.

Our team will become a part of yours, building a lasting relationship with attainable goals and actual results. Precision Telecom Technologies will make your back office issues ours, so that you can focus on building your business. We succeed when you succeed.

What you need from us are solutions that leverage existing resources and help you maximize profits.

What we need from you is simple, the chance to let us show you what we can achieve together.

Scott Trefz
Precision Telecom Technologies

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