Professional Services

A successful company always wants to provide their customers the very best products and services. In order to accomplish this, companies need to:

- Offer competitive products based on the needs of their clients
- Provide outstanding support for the suite of products offered
- Optimize operations for efficient process flows and to maximize margins

To accomplish these goals companies must rely on the knowledge and experience of the people available to the organization. Many times external resources are required. In these cases, Precision Telecom Technologies has proven to help companies be successful. PTT Consulting can help with projects ranging from a single project to long term strategic reorganizations.

Any successful relationship takes dedication, communication and collaboration. The PTT team gives this to every company it works with. By working with organizations to thoroughly assess challenges and requirements, PTT is able to help you put your vision into action quickly and see it through to completion. We recognize that a project is not successful, until you say so.

Whether your company needs to reach out to new markets or more efficiently support existing services, PTT makes the transition not only painless, but profitable.


A large, well established, facilities-based long distance carrier undertook new business strategies. The plans included a fiber network build, new product deployment (DSL, VoIP, Cable) and a retooling of operations and work-flows.

PTT was recruited to provide advice and guidance to executive management.
The Precision team also provided project management services.