Precise Orders

The speed of order processing is directly proportional to the amount of revenue you obtain. Every day that an order is not processed equals an irretrievable loss of profits for your business.

PreciseOrders' Automated Order Processing will activate trouble-free orders without user intervention. The system alerts provisioners to orders that require immediate attention because they cannot be automatically processed. This provides focus to the provisioning group and decreases your overall order activation timeframes. The increased productivity for your company translates directly to your bottom line.

Another way PreciseOrders' helps control order processing is by providing tools for your provisioning group to effectively manage order flow with the use of our Dashboards and Management Reports. These tools monitor day to day operations, like work load and statistical measurements, as well as providing broader executive summaries.

To make access to orders more readily available to agents, sales associates, and customers, we've provided a portal they can use to view orders for their specific needs. Customers can sign up electronically with verification using our ELOA. All of these features come together to make a system that decreases errors and inefficiency and help you serve the customer better.

Some Key Features of PreciseOrders:

* Order History & Reporting
* Local Product Provisioning Management
* Long Distance Flow-thru Provisioning
* Supports Multiple Products including: Local, LD, Dedicated Circuits, Cable, Internet and Wireless


"Since we've partnered with PTT, we've received some really great services. As a result we've able to streamline our processes and retain a small staff while increasing our revenues. Precision's services is comprehensive and wide reaching. It fills that 'something' that we were lacking before",

  Greg Schneider, co-founder and President of Digizip