Precise CRM

In the service based industry of telecommunications, customer relationships are the foundation for continual success. A proficient system will enhance customer loyalty and retention, by adapting to their needs. Information is usually the basis for concern: is there enough, is it easy to access and is it presented in such a way that users can confidently maneuver their way through it?

PreciseCRM has an abundance of readily available information that can be quickly accessed to help support all the processes that will keep a Telecommunications Provider one step ahead of the rest. The customer portal is a unique feature of Precise CRM that makes it simple for a customer to pay their bills or check their current status. Web Tools for self-help also reduce the time a company is otherwise forced to spend dealing with issues that can be easily resolved. Because of this, our clients can deliver the most complete customer service possible.

Some Key Features of PreciseCRM:

* Instantly Access the Customer's Complete History
* Single Integrated Customer View
* Service Orders & Trouble Ticketing
* Respond Quickly to Customer Inquiries
* Comments and Reminders

o Attach comments to Customers, Orders, Products or Trouble Tickets
o Create alerts by setting reminder dates on comments
o Reminders pop up every time you log on
o Set a reminder for yourself or any other system user


"I didn't believe that any system could have all the features and the level of automation that the precision telecom technologies solution claimed to provide. After I started using their system, I found that it is even more comprehensive than they claimed. PTT delivers a phenomenal system that has really increased our efficiency."

  Dana Dover,
Manager Support Operations

First Choice Technologies, Inc