Precise Billing

Billing is a company's most important activity; therefore it has to be your number one priority when it comes to quality and effectiveness. Mistakes can cost you the money that's necessary for all other processes in your business to function, including valuable customer relationships. It is work to get and keep a customer. Don't let a preventable mistake or difficult to read invoice be the cause of that loss of business.

PreciseBill provides client specific, customized invoices for all telecommunications products including: Long Distance, Local, VoIP, Data, Internet, and Cable. Both Retail and Wholesale customers are supported. Our system lets a user choose how they want their invoice delivered, through the mail or email. The Interactive Invoice Viewer on the customer portal lets customers view their invoices online.

PreciseBill offers multiple billing cycles because steady cash flow is vital for both emerging and established companies. Cycle billing evenly distributes cash flow over time and helps smooth staffing requirements. This translates to necessary efficiency and stability for your business.

Some Key Features of PreciseBill:

* End-to-end turnkey solution
* Fast, Accurate Processing
* Flexible Reporting
* Cycle Billing
* Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
* Full Taxation support
* Supports Retail and Wholesale clients


"By using Precision Telecom Technologies BackOffice Solution, we decreased our provisioning time by 50% and doubled the volume of orders we can process."

  Larry Sisler,
President, PROCOM