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Within the past decade, the face of the telecommunications industry has radically transformed from a monopolistic titan into a more open environment. Starting with the help of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the competitive long distance carriers began to prosper in a market initially reserved for only an elite few.

The birth of the CLEC market occurred when the FCC's ruled that RBOC's must open their network to competition and imposed regulations on the base prices of unbundled network elements. All this changed in June of 2004, when an appeal to vacate unbundled network policies was denied by the courts. This allowed RBOC's to set their own prices and left the CLEC's with a dwindling profit margin. In essence unbundling, as we know it, is gone.

New strategies are now being created by companies in order to reestablish themselves in this new terrain. Experimentation with VoIP as well as wireless are viable options. One of the most popular strategies is a trend toward the triple play - combining LD, Local and Cable into one package. All this change and instability means, more than ever, it is crucial that your Back Office systems and processes can quickly adapt to new strategies.

Here at Precision Telecommunications Technologies, we recognize that your competition is strong, but so are we. Our strength lies in our ability to help you get ahead and stay there. We have a quality system because we recognize the need to keep up with innovations without sacrificing integrity or stability. PTT has evolved along with the industry. Originally T4 Systems, we've changed our name to more effectively reflect our goal - to give you precisely what you need to achieve success. We do this by offering services to a variety of providers, including:

CLEC's, Long Distance Carriers, Cable Companies, and Internet Service Providers.

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"We are now able to cater to new and existing customer needs more readily, with very little strain on our budget and existing resources. The automated processes provided by the Precision software helped us effectively manage over 500% growth in our business over a 12 month period, without adding any additional support staff. These are solutions that really work."

  First Choice President
Scott Howsare