Implement - Once the plans are laid, it's not that difficult to get caught up in a hectic work schedule or fall into old habits, neglecting the goals you've set for yourself. Precision is a professional, outside source that will give an unbiased perspective of current and potential problems. Uncovering them, eliminating them and helping you put into practice your company's precise plan.

Automate - Whatever specific solution is defined and implemented for your company, there are a number of things that Precision will help you achieve. We streamline all processes to open up time and resources for your company. Effective management tools and reports are designed to make sure that nothing "falls through the cracks." This doesn't just increase customer satisfaction; it increases your bottom line as well. Precision has worked with small and large companies alike, and no matter the size our quality is consistent.

Evolve - PTT is in the business of helping your company evolve; so that you can be one of the few key players taking part in the revolution of the telecom industry, rather than being among the rest trying to catch up. And we make it simple. We cut out what you don't need - unnecessary, repetitive work; and give you what you do - a game plan that eliminates hassle, enhances what you already have and opens up doors.


A new LD reseller entered the market with plans to grow through outside sales agents and acquisition. To achieve their growth goals they require sophisticated sales and support tools, Along with very high levels of back office automation.

In addition, they need project support to quickly absorb new acquisitions into their systems, support structures and underlying network costs.

PTT has helped define and implement customized solutions that have enabled this company to quickly reach profitability in today's extremely competitive market.